Outlaw Band Generator

Outlaws come in many forms, from poachers to smugglers. Some details of the outlaw bands you may encounter are listed here.
This generator was made from information and ideas by reddit user /u/OrkishBlade. More details can be found in the thread here

Outlaw Band
Common InfomationThe outlaw band’s primary
“business” involves…
Harassing government officials and nobles who pass along the road.
The outlaw band’s colors are...Dark grey / gunmetal.
The outlaw band’s symbol is...A badger.
The outlaw band’s leader is...A dangerous megalomaniac.
The outlaw band’s members are
Displaced peasants.
The outlaw band’s goals include...outlaws.
Members of the outlaw band
typically arm themselves with...
Daggers and sling shots.
The outlaw band’s headquarters is
hidden in or near...
A cave.
The outlaw band is feared or
respected by...
Nobles and wealthy travelers.
Distinguishing feature for an
individual: The gangmember has…
A hole in the toe of one boot.
PoachersThe poachers’ favorite prey
The poachers’ hunt...For sport.
RobbersThe robbers typically strike with...Ambush tactics.
The robbers are notorious for...Romantic escapades.
SmugglersThe smuggling ring's primary
modus operandi involves...
Underground tunnels.
The ring is supported by...A prominent merchant.

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