6 May 2021

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Personal Details

These detials help to flesh out your characters descriptions. You can find out what their haor colouration is, what style it is in, what their teeth are like and much more
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Personal Details
Body TypeTypePotbellied
ClothingStyleMilitary/armoured (fake)
EducationHighest Level/EquivalentMentor
Face/HeadEars – DescriptionHairy
Eyes - ColourYellow/Topaz
Eyes - Condition (Left/Right)Fine/Blind in this eye
Eyes – DescriptionAlluring
Eyebrow ColourSame as main hair
Eyebrow ConditionCurving
Facial StructureDiamond
Teeth conditionTypical/Average


This generator uses information originally found in “Background & Details Kit 2 – Fantasy Edition” and can be purchased here at DrivethruRPG and Open Gaming Store

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