Pirate Crew Details Generator

Yarr, so ye be needing details about ye pirate crew? Well then ye come to the right place!

*Cough* – Sorry about that. I was kindly allowed by a reddit user OrkishBlade to use the tales for a pirate crew he had come up with to develop an online version See the original thread here

Pirate Ship Crew Details
The pirates' ship is...A carrack.
The ship's banner features...A skull.
The ship's mascot is...A tamarin (with or without mustaches).
The ship's captain is...A dashing swashbuckler.
The crew's attitude toward their captain is...Friendly and pleased.
Crewmembers often sport matching...Vests.
The crew's goals include...A wealthy and peaceful retirement.
Crewmembers typically arm themselves with...Cutlasses.
The pirate crew typically fights with...Lots of fancy footwork.
The crew's headquarters is hidden in or near...A poor fishing village
The crew is notorious for...Drinking too much rum.
Distinguishing tattoo for an individual: The pirate has...A dragon tattoo.
Distinguishing feature for an individual: The pirate has...An eyepatch.

If ye be needing names for ya ship and crew, haul anchor to this generator


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