Planet Details Generator

Planet Details Generator

There are about a billion galaxies in the known universe, each has almost a billion star systems. A high number of those that have planets orbiting them. But what are the details of these planets?

Note: This generator is not suitable for realistic planet details, as the generator is quite simple, but is excellent for creating odd or unique planets for your systems. If you get a result such as No-atmosphere but an atmosphere type of , for example, Nitrogen, then this is the either what the planet used to have or is small trace amounts.

SizeHuge (8) [(10d10 * 3) * 1000 meters]
DensityEnormous (11)
Gravity Multiplyer0.01 -> 0.04 (1d4)
Atmosphere RatingThicker 20 (2d10)
Atmosphere typeSulphur/Volcanic
Day (in Earth Hours)4d10
Year/Orbit (in Earth Days)10d10 x 10
Tilt1d10 + 60
Hydrosphere76 – 85 (1d10 + 75)
Dominant TerrainGlacier
Highest LifeformMicrobes, algae

Gravity multiplier : For very simple calculations take the weight/escape velocity etc. it would be on Earth and multiply it by the gravity number.

Atmosphere Rating : A simple number to show how much thick or thinner an atmosphere is. Earth is Standard (10)

Tilt : Is the angle between its rotational axis and its orbital plane.

Hydrosphere : % of land mass covered in liquid

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