Quirks and Secrets

A characters quirks and possible secret can make them more rouded and intersting. Imagine the possibilities when you discover the the fact that the noble elf who has been hounding you has a secret she doesnt want the pubic to know, or the quirk that makes that gnome peddlar more memorable.
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Quirks and Secrets
#1Close talkerCan speak/read a lost language
#2Pack ratOn probation
#3Pack ratPersonally owns land/castle/etc
#4Hiccups when nervous or stressedCan perform very well
#5Is a living weather vane Comes from a VERY wealthy family
#6Uses the same vocal pause repeatedly Thinks they have travelled in time
#7Has mood swingsRacial hatred
#8Has mood swingsFamous Thief (Retired)
#9Is rude to waiters and waitressesCan speak/read a lost language
#10Bland expression all the timeHas been reincarnated


This generator uses information originally found in “Background & Details Kit 2 – Fantasy Edition” and can be purchased here at DrivethruRPG and Open Gaming Store

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