Ritual Details Generator

Any spell, ritual or incantation normally requires something to be uttered or chanted.

Does it have candles? What is that incense you can smell and when and where is it taking place? All these details and more is ready for you below.

Ritual Details
Ritual NameRitual NameThe Unwise Sermon
Participants# of Particpants (inc leader)1
Leaders Title Unholy Headman
CandlesNumber of candles5
Height in cm9
SmokeMoves even when there is no breeze
HolderCeremonial Plate
Ritual Area/CircleNumber of areas2
PositionAs many of the cardinal points as possible, overlapping main circle
Shape/patternStar (6 points)
Size (main area) sq feet9
Size (secondary areas) sq feet3
CompositionMetal Powder
ChantChant LanguageEnglish - Modern
Desired Effect/Reason for RitualEffect/ReasonProtection
IncenseType/ContainerInfused String/Rope
LocationTypical LocationAttic
Clothing StyleLeaderSame basic style as others, but hooded
Other Particpants (if present)None/Naked
Symbols/Language/StyleWritten LanguageArabic
SacrificeSacrifice TypeAnimal
TimeRitual TimeNew Moon
Tools & MaterialsTools/MaterialsAltar – Ornate

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Ritual Details Generator


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