24 November 2020

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Skin Details

This generator works a little differently than the others on this site. Below you have 4 columns. When reading the results, you would only look at Skin Colour (simple) + Condition OR Skin Colour (Complex) + Condition, not all of them at once. The complex option has more subtle variations, whilst the simple doesn’t. Don’t mix and match the two.

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Skin Details
#Skin Colour (Simple)Skin Colour (Complex)Condition
#1BronzedCinnamon Cracked
#2BeigeMilk Loose
#3OtherChestnut Downy
#4White/PinkSienna Droopy
#5GreenTerracotta Firm
#6CoffeeCoffee Delicate
#7OliveSienna Sunburnt
#8BronzedFawn Perfect
#9GreyTaupe Rosy
#10White/PinkChestnut Translucent



This generator uses information originally found in “Background & Details Kit 2 – Fantasy Edition” and can be purchased here at DrivethruRPG and Open Gaming Store

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