21 September 2020

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Starship Generator

Space is big..REALY big..in fact so big, some belive it has no end. But to travel it, you probably need a starship of some kind and that ship needs details.

Ship NameX.S.V. Deployment
RegistrationW2 S-Y4 SF
Ship ClassHeavy Battleship
Other Details
Age1d4 years
ConditionMajor damage
Weapon Systems
PrimaryMark XVI Rapid Psionic Compressor
SecondaryMark IV Teleporting Particle Drone
ArmorMark IX Modular Plating
ShieldMark VIII Standard Screen

Made using results found in “Starship Kit 1 – Name and registration“, “Starship Kit 3 – Class/Type“,  Starship Kit – Weapon Generator and “Starship Kit 5 – Armor & Shield


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