Starship Generator

Space is big..REALY fact so big, some belive it has no end. But to travel it, you probably need a starship of some kind and that ship needs details.

Ship NameC.S.V. Fission
Registration9 R6 -2 ZYF
Ship ClassStandard Tug
Other Details
Age4d10 years
ConditionMajor Scrapes
Weapon Systems
PrimaryMark II Cluster Cryonic Cannon
SecondaryMark V Distorting Kinetic Railgun
ArmorMark XX Powered Armor
ShieldMark XIII Displacement Screen

Made using results found in “Starship Kit 1 – Name and registration“, “Starship Kit 3 – Class/Type“,  Starship Kit – Weapon Generator and “Starship Kit 5 – Armor & Shield


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