Steampunk Technobabble Generator

Gadgets, gizmos and devices are a staple of any steampunk game or story. But they need a name – often featuring the name of the inventor.

Steampunk Technobabble
Inquisitor Williams's Essential Ray
Count Patrick P. Simmons 's Resin Lever
Firery Repeating Secondary Tether of Viscount Benedict D. Fletcher
Advanced Plating of Dr Emma Crowe
Master Head's Firery Grappel
Smoldering Tether of Andrew C. Keron
Resin Geo Winch of Inquisitor Jessamine Ghys
Prince Tyrell's Stablized Cannon
Tumbling Golden Revolving Injector of Baronet Benedict B. Parker
Griffin's Crystaline Capsule

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