Steampunk Technobabble Generator

Gadgets, gizmos and devices are a staple of any steampunk game or story. But they need a name – often featuring the name of the inventor.

Steampunk Technobabble
Archduke Charles E. Head 's Tested Proofed Composition
Conroy's Crystaline Implosive Shroud
Prototype Morphic Atomizer of Bertram Y. Prescott
Inquisitor Smythe's Rocking Crystaline Rivited Housing
Princess Victoria Turner's Collapsing Contrivance
Chronometric Actuator of Luke Y. Ward
Admiral Jackson's Enhanced Concoction
Proclaimed Volcanic Famed Chamber of Permelia Clopton
Funneling Proofed Bladder of Eleanor Walker
Prince Ezra N. Smith 's Robotic Vitalizing Gadget

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