Steampunk Technobabble Generator

Gadgets, gizmos and devices are a staple of any steampunk game or story. But they need a name – often featuring the name of the inventor.

Steampunk Technobabble
Stablized Alarm of Leah Cavendish
Repeating Blade of Countess Hope Collins
Marquis Hayes's Experimental Essential Excellent Actuator
Butler's Spring Exalted Helmet
Mr McGuiness's Boiling Centrifugal Enhanced Apparatus
Deacon Jacob L. Wilson 's Mechanical Greased Procedure
Implosive Steam Composition of Edith Long
Ejecting Protective Method of Jennie Jackson
Professor Mary Nally's Spring Bonded Promethean Chamber
Cerulean Augmented Oscilating Telescope of Miss Myrtle Davis

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