Steampunk Technobabble Generator

Gadgets, gizmos and devices are a staple of any steampunk game or story. But they need a name – often featuring the name of the inventor.

Steampunk Technobabble
Countess Dorothy Nally's Coral Experimental Pneumatic Telegraph
Professor Lawrence V. Rinkins 's Firery Ocular Motivator
Clopton's Firery Resin Prototype Goggles
Countess King's Advanced Transcendent Erudite Construction
Prismatic Augmented Construction of Joel X. Beale
Deacon Lucian F. McGuiness 's Energetic Regurgitator
Viscount Eli R. Tyrell 's Robotic Prismatic Gyroscopic Winch
Dame Sarah Wright's Empowering Wire
Electric Atomising Firery Bellow of Professor Horace F. Conroy
Charged Cerulean Coral Eye of Sister Rowena Butler

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