Superhero Costume Generator

Every hero has a costume, even if it’s their normal everyday clothing. This generatorhas been designed to give you an idea as to what your hero looks like. It might be pratical, r thrown together from scraps found in a dumpster. Whatevr it is, it should be something that makes your hero, or villan, memorable.

Hero Costume
Dominant ColourGold
Secondary ColourSilver
Logo typeComplex geometric pattern located both hands
AdornmentsSomething else
ArmsScales covering all of the limb
LegsFake Metal covering lower and joint
BootsCleats/Sport Shoes
CapeWing-like – Bird
GlovesSomething Else
Mask (type)Blank/smooth (Eyes/nose)
ShouldersEpaulette - military
Special PropertiesMasks body heat

This generator is based in part on Superhero Kit Part 2 – Costume

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