Superhero Costume Generator

Every hero has a costume, even if it’s their normal everyday clothing. This generatorhas been designed to give you an idea as to what your hero looks like. It might be pratical, r thrown together from scraps found in a dumpster. Whatevr it is, it should be something that makes your hero, or villan, memorable.

Hero Costume
Dominant ColourTeal
Secondary ColourCyan
Logo typeWeapon located both thighs
AdornmentsMetallic Trim/Edge
ArmsHide covering upper limb
LegsPrecious metal (gold, silver, etc.) covering upper limb
GlovesNormal Glove
Hat/HelmetHelmet – Modern design
Mask (type)None
ShouldersEpaulette – ceremonial
Special PropertiesMasks body heat

This generator is based in part on Superhero Kit Part 2 – Costume

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