A tattoo is a form of body modification, made by inserting ink, either permanently or temporary, into a layer of the skin to change the pigment. They can range from the complex and colourful to the simple and plain.
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#1Foot/ankle – LeftAll blackMinor errorsTo hide informationBird - other
#2Foot/ankle – LeftBlack outlineTemporaryOwed a favour to the artistFace - other
#3Shoulder – RightMinor spots of colourFading/OldGroup/Tribe initiationText - in characters language
#4Torso – FrontAll blackChildlikeNot sayingAnimal - dog/wolf
#5Torso – BackFull colouredCovering another tattooDared to get it donePattern - simple shapes
#6Lower Leg – LeftMulti-colouredFading/OldOwed a favour to the artistFood - vegetables
#7Torso – BackMinor spots of colourMinor errorsNot sayingFood - fruit (various types)
#8Lower Arm – RightMinor spots of colourFading/OldNot sayingGood luck symbol
#9Shoulder – LeftMinor spots of colourCovering another tattooNot sayingText - religious
#10Shoulder – LeftAll blackFading/OldPunishmentFace - one who the killed


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