Urban Gang Details Generator

This generator deals with the details of an urban gang. Designed to be suitable for a fantasy setting, it can also be used in sci-fi or modern, with minor tweaking.
This guest generator comes from a Reddit thread by user /u/OrkishBlade. See the thread here for more details and information.
Added : Gang Names

Gang NameThe Superior Pygmy
The gang's money-making schemes include...Running brothels—exotic, low, or high-class.
The gang's colors are...Violet.
The gang's symbol is...A crown.
Gangmembers often sport matching...Bandannas.
The gang's leader is...A ruthless killer.
For recruitment, the gang targets individuals who are...Relocated peasants.
The gang's goals include ...Revenge against the city's elite.
Gangmembers typically arm themselves with...Brass knuckles.
Gangmembers typically fight with...Lots of smiles and jokes.
The gang's headquarters is hidden in or near...The residence of a wealthy individual.
The gang is feared or respected by...Women and children.
Distinguishing feature for an individual: The gangmember has...Extravagant mustaches.

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