26 February 2021

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Urban Gang Details Generator

This generator deals with the details of an urban gang. Designed to be suitable for a fantasy setting, it can also be used in sci-fi or modern, with minor tweaking.
This guest generator comes from a Reddit thread by user /u/OrkishBlade. See the thread here for more details and information.
Added : Gang Names

Gang NameThe Downtown Furious
The gang's money-making schemes include...Running brothels—exotic, low, or high-class.
The gang's colors are...Gold.
The gang's symbol is...An open hand.
Gangmembers often sport matching...Bandannas.
The gang's leader is...A brutish thug.
For recruitment, the gang targets individuals who are...Relocated peasants.
The gang's goals include ...Revenge against the city's elite.
Gangmembers typically arm themselves with...Wooden clubs.
Gangmembers typically fight with...Ambush tactics.
The gang's headquarters is hidden in or near...An abandoned guildhall or warehouse.
The gang is feared or respected by...Fishermen and sailors.
Distinguishing feature for an individual: The gangmember has...A long, hooked nose.

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4 thoughts on “Urban Gang Details Generator

  1. You should make the generator more detailed. Like adding ‘ known for their bloody battles and dark way of getting what they want’ or something

    1. Many, if not all of the generators I do plan on expanding, it’s just a matter of time and physical health issues. But I do like the suggestion, thank you!

      1. how’s your health? i know this is a few years old but i’d love an expansion that creates actual gang members and their roles in the gang.

        1. Ty – On a 1 to 10 scale i’d say a 7, which for me is fairly decent :D. I’ve got a ton of projects in my to-do list and that is one of them hah. So many ideas…so little time >.<

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