Vampire Details Generator

A vampire is a being from folklore who subsists by feeding on the life essence, typically blood, of living creatures. But what do they look like as a member of the undead, what was their life like, how do they feed?

Vampire Details
Apparent Previous LifeAgeYoung Adult
Bane/WeaknessBane/WeaknessSilver objects.
Effect of the Bane/WeaknessBecomes very suggestible
ClothingDress styleTeacher
AccessoriesExpensive buttons etc.
Condition of clothingPrefect condition
CompanionsCompanion typeCat
EyesAs when alive, but darker
SkinOddly perfect condition
TeethNormal, for a humanoid
FeedingMethodBiting neck
SustenanceMemories (negative)
Home baseHomeAn unpleasant underground lair
HuntingTimeOther time frame
Favored location In settlements
Killing BlowKilling BlowDissolved in potent acid
Main GoalMain GoalSomething else
Powers & AbilitiesMain PowerImmunity to blades
Power StrengthBelow average (5d10)
PreyPrey typeSomething else
TurnedHow long ago?Within a thousand years (10d10 * 10)
Why/How was they turned?To become “immortal”
Quirks and Rare FeaturesQuirk/FeatureHas no sense of taste

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This generator uses information originally found in Creature Details Generator – Vampire


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