Vampire Details Generator

A vampire is a being from folklore who subsists by feeding on the life essence, typically blood, of living creatures. But what do they look like as a member of the undead, what was their life like, how do they feed?

Vampire Details
Apparent Previous LifeAgeMature Adult
Profession/ClassSeer/Fortune Teller
Effect of the Bane/WeaknessBlinds them
ClothingDress styleAs when alive
AccessoriesCape (long)
Condition of clothingPrefect condition
CompanionsCompanion typeNo companion
EyesAnother colour
HairAs when alive, but with a colour tint to it
SkinBlood stained
TeethNormal, for a humanoid
FeedingMethodBiting neck
SustenanceEmotions (positive)
Home baseHomeAn ancient fortress
HuntingTimeThe same time every night
Favored location Graveyards
Killing BlowKilling BlowCut up and buried several miles apart
Main GoalMain GoalCorrupting and influencing the politics of the city or region.
Powers & AbilitiesMain PowerMental domination
Power StrengthVery Strong (7d10)
PreyPrey typeHoly men/women
TurnedHow long ago?Within five decades (5d10 years)
Why/How was they turned?Another Vampire
Quirks and Rare FeaturesQuirk/FeatureAll kills are highly ritualistic

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This generator uses information originally found in Creature Details Generator – Vampire


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