Watchmen Generator

Watchmen, sometimes called simply, The Watch, were groups of men who discouraged crime and enforced the law. They were usually authorised by the state or government. Watchmen have existed in many places around the world throughout history.

Another Orkishblade generator brought to you from this reddit thread.

GeneralThe watch’s colors are...Black.
The watch’s symbol is...The sun.
The watch’s captain is...An anointed knight.
The watch’s attitude toward their captain is...Friendly and loyal.
The watch has a reputation for...Reliability.
Most members of the watch are outfitted with...Helms and breastplates emblazoned with the symbol of their city or lord.
Most members of the watch are equipped with...Longswords and shortbows.
Individual InvestigatorsThe constable is...A stoic monk.
The constable works for...The joy of solving mysteries.
On the constable’s face is...A jagged scar.
The constable carries…Alchemical reference manual.
Individual GuardsThe guard is...A failed craftsman.
The guard works for...The steady pay.
On the guard’s face is...Bushy eyebrows.
The guard carries…A token from a favorite harlot.


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