Zombie Description Generator

When you think of a zombie, most have a pretty clear idea of what they look like. But What IS that mental image? Are all zombies the same?
After all, they were once people when they was alive and people come in various shapes and species so why not the zombie as well?
The CDG range is designed with a fantasy setting in mind, but can easily be used for sci-fi or modern/horror settings with minor tweaking.
Items in the Quirk and Features section marked with a (*) need to be decided if the quirk applies to the left, right or both sides as appropriate. These are generally only suitable for the rare zombies.

Zombie Description
Previous LifeAgeMature Adult
ClothingConditionCaked with blood and gore
Disfigurement/WoundDisfigurement/WoundBurnt flesh showing
HeadEars - L/RChewed on/Bite missing
Eyes - ColourAs when alive
Eyes - Condition L/RGlazed/Vacant/Glazed/Vacant
Hair - ColourGrey
Hair - ConditionSome small bald spots
MouthLips missing
NoseObviously Broken
Arm - L/RElbow broken – arms kept straight/Upper arm broken
Hands -L/RHand intact/Missing thumb
Legs - L/RLower leg broken/Falling out of hip socket
Feet - L/RFoot is a stub/Foot split in two
SpeedBelow average
Size/WeightSizeTypical size/weight
Weight16 to 20 % smaller
SkinColourationBrown/Blood colouration
ConditionMaggot infested
Sounds/SmellSounds madeScreaming
SmellSlight Chemical
Quirk/FeatureQuirk/FeatureFace is preserved but body is rotten/zombie

Taken from “Creature Description Generator – Zombies


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