10 April 2021

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Guest List – 20 Spaceship weapons

Need some weapons for your starships? Roll a d20 and see what you get

d20,Starship Weapon
1,Anti-kinetic Ion turrets
2,Antiphoton Cannons
3,Disruptive repulsor beam
4,Forward-facing Mega-Chroniton Torpedoes
5,Forward-facing nano-Photon Disperser
6,Front and rear mounted Giga-zeptolaser Missiles
7,Front-mounted Antiproton Turrets
8,Front-mounted nano-zettaphasic Digitizer
9,Magnetic Bio-Cannons
10,Mk II Antiphoton Torpedoes
11,Neo-Laser Disperser
12,Phasic Mega-Chroniton canons
13,Rear-facing Plasma Electrifier
14,Side-mounted Bicobolt Turrets
15,Side-mounted kilo-laser blasters
16,Tetryonic blasters
17,Tricobolt Megaphasic disperser
18,Variable Mega-Magnetic Cannons
19,Variable Neo-Tetryon Railgun
20,Zetta-photon torpedoes

All generated by SciFiIdeas’ Spaceship generator

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