17 May 2021

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Guest Random List – 20 quirky Alien Species

This weeks guest random list comes from David Ball & SciFi Ideas and is a list of some alien species and for some their home location.

A list of alien creatures, some intelligent, some not. Some include where they’re from, in a sort of Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy sort of way, where the names of strange creatures are casually dropped into conversation.

[table caption=”” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left”]

1,Reptango tribe of Mimosiar IX
2,The microsocopic gamstur of Nigon 4
3,Mikosian cactus-hawk
4,Floran doovon-fish
5,The bulbous kerdingers from Epsilon Govan
6,Ethereal endo-priests from the Kadigorn cluster
7,Frictionless stealth-squids from the Crando’c Republic
8,Giant Antopolodes of Brushon minor
9,Electric Neo-Rangons
10,Cunning Taulsol-sharks from the hyperlakes of Narg
11,Lankards from the Laskarid System
12,Giant aquatic vibro-mammals from Dyson-Ivaldi
13,Low-Shondarans of the Kantunkl Empire
14,Neganondons from Vudu Shaa II
15,Luminous algae-dredgers from the rings of Zebilia Beta
16,The Lukarnan resistance of the Shentori System
17,The howling Jakutans of Harada 4
18,The methane-gliding hawk of Valdera
19,Swolen Santialan pustules of Izo
20,The Gaseous Shimzu of Narb

These were created with help from SciFiIdeas’ alien species generator and planet generator

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