13 June 2021

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Habit generator live and BDK generator updated

Just a quick update this week as I have a new project I’m excited to start work on.  A Habits section has been added to both the main generator for the BDK and the generator page.  Samples can be seen below, with links to the respective pages in the headers


Drinking Mixes drinks together
Eating Cannot eat same food as others
Sleeping Can go from sleep to waking almost instantly



Background & Details
Quick Age Close to Death
Gender Female
Species Half-Orc
Profession Stonemason
Personality Dependent
Family Parents Mother Alive and well
Father Alive, but ill/weakened/old etc.
Marital Status Still together, married
Relationship with character Parents are smothering/overcompensating
Siblings Siblings 2 (1 older Male, 1 younger Female)
Personal Relationship Personal Relationship Other type of relationship
Children Children No children
Friends/Enemies Friends/Enemies Neighbour in hometown with a Male Halfling Candle Maker who is Timid
Physical Details Size/Weight in relation to typical Height 3 + 10 % below
Weight 7 + 10 % above
Looks Looks/apparent age Indeterminate
Background Hometown Hometown name Outer Lakesett
Distance to Hometown 4 Miles away
Time spent there Moved here 6 years ago
Size of hometown Large City
Primary aspect/nature of hometown Residential
Residence type there Estate
Income Primary Income source Gambling
Secondary Income source Business/Shop
Languages Language Home/Native, Common and Gnome Ancient dialect – Quite a few words wrong , Catfolk Common/standard variant – Quite a few words wrong , Aasimar Ancient dialect – A few important words wrong
Literacy Literacy level (general) The odd word wrong now and then
Habits Drinking Throws leftovers on floor
Eating Chews with mouth open
Sleeping Wakes up frequently
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