15 June 2021

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Harsh Raven, Illithid Toxin & Fuchsia Laspar Root

Tobacco: Harsh raven
Effects: Calming and +1 to Balance for 10 minutes.
Side Effects: -1 to Concentration for 1 hour.
Cost: 12 sp

Drug: Illithid Toxin
The Vial has a cylinder shape and the glass is black, it has bumps texture. The liquid in the vial is light black, it has a smokey taste, and it has a pungent smell.
Addiction Rating: Medium
Drug Delivery Inhaled
Satiation: 5 days     Damage: 1d4 Dex, 1d4 Wis
Initial Effect: None
Secondary Effect: 1 point of temporary Intelligence damage
Side Effects: Those under the effect of this drug take a -4 circumstance penalty on saving throws involving illusions for 2d4 hours after using this mild hallucinogen.
Overdose: If more than one dose is taken in a 4-hour period, the user becomes catatonic (Fort DC 15 negates).
Save: Fortitude (DC 13)
Cost: 545 gp
CR: 3

Drug: Fuchsia Laspar Root
The Vial has a cylinder shape and the glass is cobalt, it has horizontal ribbing texture. The liquid in the vial is fuchsia, it taste like fresh oranges, and it has a acrid smell.
Addiction Rating: Low
Drug Delivery Inhaled
Satiation: 10 days     Damage: 1d3 Dex
Initial Effect: None
Secondary Effect: 1d3 points of temporary Dexterity damage and 1d2 points of temporary Strength damage
Side Effects: Feelings of intense pleasure last for 1d4 hours.
Overdose: Those who take this drug more than once in 24 hours must make a separate save (Fort DC 25 negates) or die in terrible pain.
Save: Fortitude (DC 6)
Cost: 410 gp
CR: 3

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