25 September 2021

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Image Thursday – Crypt of Salamandra by Max Bedulenko

max-bedulenko - crypt salamandra
max-bedulenko – crypt salamandra

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You thought you have finally found salavation…you was wrong.

You thought the location you had stumbled into, fleeing from those that would do you harm,was a safe place, you was wrong again.

You thought the statue was just that,until the roar of the beast as it uncoiled itself from the pillar and gazed on you with contempt and disgust, you have never been so wrong.

  • Who is the statue like figure before you?
  • What is the beast by the pillars?
  • Why are they here..Why are YOU here?

Credit :  Crypt of Salamandra by Max Bedulenko (https://www.artstation.com/artist/mb14)

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