27 September 2021

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[List] 100…Concepts or Ideas for space vehicles

This weeks “100” list gives you a quick description or class-name for many types of space-going vehicles, from armoured drop-pods to long-range carriers and more.

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1 Adaptive Underpowered Harvester
2 Advanced Refuelling
3 Angular Crude Terraformer
4 Angular Dirty Mobile Starbase
5 Angular Sub-Orbital Organic Bomber
6 Aquatic Mobile Prison
7 Atmospheric Stripped-down Networked Interceptor
8 Automated Aquatic Covert Ops
9 Auxiliary Training
10 Bladed Interdictor
11 Blessed Probe
12 Bulky Long-Range Covert Ops
13 Bulky Missile Boat
14 Bulky Organic Zoological
15 Bulky Ultra-Light Medical ship
16 Clean Cruiser
17 Cloaked Retro-fitted Blocker
18 Cloaked Underpowered Empty Mine Layer
19 Configerable Sub-Orbital Short-Range Escort
20 Contaminated Zoological
21 Crashed Strange Mobile Hospital
22 Crashed Unstable Planetary Recovery
23 Crude Blocker
24 Cursed First Responder
25 Curved Phaseing Civilian
26 Custom Sub-space Missile Boat
27 Cutting-edge Networked Seeding vessel
28 Cutting-edge Unarmored Independant Drone
29 Decaying Angular Short-Range Mobile Starbase
30 Defensive Botany ship
31 Dirty Missionary
32 Empty Ice Harvester
33 Experimental Custom Auxiliary Recycling
34 Experimental Laboratory
35 Experimental Poorly-made Utility
36 Extreme Range Impacted Fighter
37 Extreme Range Sniper
38 Fake/Decoy Configerable Refuelling
39 Fake/Decoy Planetary Crude Assault
40 Fake/Decoy Sophisticated Long-Range Combat Medic
41 Fleet Covert Ops
42 Heavy Armored Fake/Decoy Bulky Mobile Meeting Hall
43 Heavy Retro-fitted Dropship
44 Heavy Stripped-down Gunship
45 Impacted Racer
46 Intergalactic Slow Dreadnaught
47 Intersteller Long-Range Strategic Independant Drone
48 Intersteller Sub-space Defensive Racer
49 Light Relief ship
50 Living Ancient Ancient Harvester
51 Living Auxiliary Unique Merchant
52 Living Medium Bladed Gunship
53 Maneuverable Annihilator
54 Maneuverable Cruiser
55 Medium Frontier EW Vessel
56 Medium Living Light Training
57 Medium Mobile Prison
58 Medium Salvager
59 Obsolete Underpowered Well-designed Command
60 Orbital Aquatic Experimental Colony
61 Orbital Constructor
62 Organic Assault
63 Organic Living Ultra-Heavy Ramship
64 Overfilled EW Vessel
65 Overfilled Phaseing General Transporter
66 Perfected Blocker
67 Perfected Contaminated Overclocked Cruiser
68 Phaseing Reinforced Primitive Laboratory
69 Plain Ramship
70 Primitive Mega Archaeology
71 Primitive Stealth Custom Independant Drone
72 Prototype Heavy Armored Variable Mobile Prison
73 Refitted Auxiliary Poorly-made Sniper
74 Refitted First Responder
75 Reinforced Deactivated Barrier
76 Reinforced Poorly-made Ordinance
77 Repaired Spiked Cursed Dropship
78 Slow Heavy Shielded Gunship
79 Sophisticated Racer
80 Sophisticated Vehicle Transporter
81 Spiked Trans-Dimensional Strange Covert Ops
82 Stealth Orbital Patroller
83 Stealth Processing
84 Strategic Advanced Impacted Colony
85 Strategic Short-Range Communications
86 Stripped-down Bulky Ice Harvester
87 Sub-Orbital Bomber
88 Sub-Orbital Stripped-down Damaged Communications
89 Sub-Orbital Wrecked First Responder
90 Sub-space Malfunctioning Retro-fitted Ordinance
91 Trans-Dimensional Blessed Communications
92 Trans-Dimensional Light Armored Scout
93 Trans-Dimensional Repaired Escort
94 Ultra-Heavy Botany ship
95 Ultra-Heavy Clean Living Mobile Meeting Hall
96 Ultra-Heavy Wrecked Contaminated Infiltrator
97 Underpowered Barrier
98 Unique Stealth Poorly-made Interdictor
99 Variable Unarmored Recovery
100 Wrecked Remote Drone


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