26 July 2021

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[List] 100…Insults in the style of Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist. He had a way with words that many feel has been unequalled to this day. It can surprise people that he was also good at the art of the insult. The d100 list below gives you 100 insults semi-randfomly generated using words and terms in the same style that he might have done. Which one is your favourite?

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1 Abominable thin-faced prune
2 Arrogant pox-filled canker-blossom
3 Artless bow-case measle
4 Babbling half-faced pigeon-egg
5 Base pigeon-liver'd fustilarian
6 Bawdy scale-sided scullian
7 Beastly foul-practing whipster
8 Beslubbering unchin-snouted stench
9 Bootless fen-sucked bladder
10 Brazen fool-born ratsbane
11 Burly-boned prick-eared mammet
12 Caluminous flap-mouthed cut purse
13 Churlish ill-breeding lout
14 Clouted base-court rudesby
15 Cockered high-minded flap-dragon
16 Craven three-inch gudgeon
17 Crusty woe-filled whore-master
18 Cullionly dry-brained wagtail
19 Currish bull's-pizzle clotpole
20 Dankish toad-spotted malt-worm
21 Deformed folly-fallen varlot
22 Degenerate dread-bolted giglet
23 Dissembling open-arsed hugger-mugger
24 Droning tickle-brained wrinkled-witch
25 Dull mad-headed whey-face
26 Errant boil-faced joithead
27 Fawning hell-hated horn-beast
28 Filthy bunch-back'd promise-breaker
29 Fishified brazen-faced pignut
30 Fitful hasty-witted worms-meat
31 Fobbing dismal-dreaming harpy
32 Foolsih iron-witted contriver
33 Foul beetle-headed gutbag
34 Frothy plume-plucked rascal
35 Froward full-gorged codpiece
36 Fusty puke-stocking knave
37 Gleeking rampallian popinjay
38 Goatish cream-faced mumble-news
39 Gorbellied beef-witted shrimp
40 Greasy shard-borne nut-hook
41 Impertinent caddis-garter infection
42 Infectious tallow-greased blind-worm
43 Jarring fat-kidneyed manikin
44 Lascivious small-cur strumpet
45 Loathed ass-headed botch
46 Loathsome purple-hued callet
47 Loggerheaded tailor's-yard dewberry
48 Lumpish doghearted Basket-Cockle
49 Mammering crook-pated bugbear
50 Mangled addlepated bear-welp
51 Meddling onion-eyed vassal
52 Mewling weather-bitten flax-wench
53 Misbegotten sheep-biting mangy-dog
54 Obscene butter-fat foot-licker
55 Odiferous rude-growing loon
56 Overwheening malmsey-nosed haggard
57 Paunchy clay-brained gossip
58 Paunchy tallow-faced maggot-pie
59 Perfidious muddy-mettled wretch
60 Pernicious idle-headed clack-dish
61 Pestilant rig-headed moldwarp
62 Poisonous knotty-pated scut
63 Pribbling ill-nurtured pumpion
64 Puking paper-faced coward
65 Puny hedge-born death-token
66 Qualling pale-hearted minnow
67 Queasy leaden-footed Spanish pouch
68 Rancorous swag-bellied ruinous-butt
69 Rank leathern-jerkin puttock
70 Rascally milk-livered boar-pig
71 Reeky pottle-deep dogfish
72 Roguish white-livered barnacle
73 Roynish rump-fed apple-john
74 Ruttish codpeice-sniffing flirt-gill
75 Saucy burly-boned malkin
76 Shameless unwashed flesh-monger
77 Sottish fly-bitten miscreant
78 Spleeny motley-minded snipe
79 Spongy eel-skinned toad
80 Stewed mad-brained coxcomb
81 Surly reeling-ripe hedge-pig
82 Tottering tripe-visaged boil
83 Toungeless boil-brained weasel
84 Traitorous dizzy-eyed varlet
85 Unmuzzled scurvy-valiant lewdster
86 Unwholesome common-kissing skainsmate
87 Vain puisny-tilted baggage
88 Venomed clapper-clawed malcontent
89 Villainous bat-fowling turd
90 Waggish shag-haired bum-bailey
91 Warped spur-galled devil-monk
92 Wart-necked lily-livered hypocrite
93 Wayward rough-hewn rogue
94 Weedy elf-skinned jolt-head
95 Wimpled earth-vexing bitch-wolf
96 Withered long-tounged slug
97 Wrenching whitless rampallian
98 Wrinkled pox-marked devil
99 Writhled tardy-gaited eunuch
100 Yeasty guts-griping eternal devil


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