4 August 2021

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[List] 100 Names for…A battle or war

Despite out best intentions, battles or wars happen. Sometimes they are quick and bloody, others they can be drawn out many years. One common factor when describing them is to give them a name, so people know which one you are reffering to. This list, which uses the tables in Quick Generator Battle/War Name (by Ennead Games), gives you 100 such names.

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1 The Advance of Ignorance
2 The Ancients Controversy
3 The Assailment of Broken Homes
4 The Assassins Assailment
5 The Assault of Eternal Regrets
6 The Attempt of the Secrets
7 The Attrition Infringement
8 The Barrage of the Spears
9 The Barrage of Titans
10 The Battle of Lust
11 The Battle of the Regrets
12 The Betrayal Carnage
13 The Blind Justice Siege
14 The Blockade of the Horrors
15 The Bloodshed of the Imbalance
16 The Bombard of Fear
17 The Breach of Final
18 The Break-In of the Tyrants
19 The Broken Love Intrusion
20 The Burning Fields Invade
21 The Burning Lands Reconnaissance
22 The Campaign of Beliefs
23 The Capture of Freedom
24 The Capture of High Tide
25 The Capture of Lost Friends
26 The Carnage of Terror
27 The Charge of Truth
28 The Clash of Purifcation
29 The Combat of Red Water
30 The Combat of the Eternal Fires
31 The Combat of the Tycoons
32 The Contention of Integrity
33 The Controversy of Fools
34 The Corrupted Minds Agitation
35 The Crusade of Dragon
36 The Crusade of the Sons
37 The Deception Strife
38 The Differences Breach
39 The Disagreement of the Bloodthirst
40 The Disagreement of the Mad Kings
41 The Dishonesty Bust
42 The Dispute of Faith
43 The Entrenchment of the Broken Minds
44 The Entrenchment of the Hidden
45 The Eternal Day Strafe
46 The Fray of the Maidens
47 The Gold Foray
48 The Havoc of the Pawns
49 The Havoc of Treason
50 The Hell Onset
51 The Hostilities of the Unforgivable
52 The Hydra Strafe
53 The Infltration of Burning Plains
54 The Infltration of Ivory
55 The Infltration of the Broken Laws
56 The Infltration of the Broken Wills
57 The Insanity Breach
58 The Intrusion of Mercy
59 The Intrusion of the Eternal Suffering
60 The Invade of the Poisoned Minds
61 The Invasion of Mage
62 The Invasion of the Giant
63 The Last Resorts Hostility
64 The Liberty Engagement
65 The Lost Security Plunder
66 The Lost Souls Charge
67 The Loyalties Irruption
68 The Nature Fighting
69 The Offence of Iron
70 The Offence of the Cowards
71 The Onset of Storms
72 The Operation of the Vengeance
73 The Overrun of the Bows
74 The Penetration of Corrupted Lands
75 The Pests Bloodshed
76 The Press of Independence
77 The Press of Undead
78 The Pull of the Faiths
79 The Ransack of the Glorious Conquests
80 The Rats Onset
81 The Ravage of the Delirium
82 The Reconnaissance of the Holy
83 The Sally of Secret
84 The Scimitars Bombard
85 The Scrimmage of Tribulation
86 The Siege of the Fallen Angels
87 The Silence Infltration
88 The Spies Infringement
89 The Starvation Skirmish
90 The Steel Onset
91 The Strife of the Broken Pacts
92 The Strike of Eternal Hunger
93 The Sweep of Trust
94 The Swoop of the Blood
95 The The Lost Movement
96 The Transgression of the Final Rests
97 The Trespass of Hallow Hill
98 The Usurpation of Lost Faiths
99 The Violation of the Second
100 The War of Nightmares


Get the PDF that was used to make this list HERE



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