4 August 2021

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[List] 100 Names for a hesit or crime

Today, the list gives you 100 names for heists/crimes. This can be the code name used in the planning stage or what the media have decided to call the illegial thing for ease of reference.  Sometimes this crime was a “success” with those taking part acheiving their goal, or it might have gone badly wrong for numerous reasons and is now living on in infamy.

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1 The Acrobatics Charge
2 The Aerial Misdemeanour
3 The Alpha Stickup
4 The Angel Steal
5 The Animal Swiping
6 The Apex Rapacity
7 The Aquatic Offenders
8 The Asset Pilfering
9 The Avian Outrage
10 The Backfire Looting
11 The Baited Malfeasance
12 The Benign Robbing
13 The Blind Pilferage
14 The Bloody Dereliction
15 The Blundering Break
16 The Bogus Police
17 The Bread Offences
18 The Butcher Lift
19 The Cannibal Break-In
20 The Champion Heist
21 The Chaos Iniquity
22 The Civil Breaches
23 The Clumsy Snitch
24 The Copycat Filch
25 The Decimation Delictum
26 The Demolition Immorality
27 The Desperation Case
28 The Dilemma Fraud
29 The Diplomatic Delict
30 The Dirty Tort
31 The Duplicate Holdup
32 The Echo Appropriation
33 The Ethereal Misconduct
34 The False Delinquency
35 The Fire Atrocity
36 The Flood Hustle
37 The Fluke Perpetrator
38 The Flying Defrauding
39 The Fool's Infraction
40 The Foolproof Fast One
41 The Forsaken Violations
42 The Fruitcake Killing
43 The Furious Job
44 The Greasey Piracy
45 The Great Slaying
46 The Grim Sting
47 The Guardian Villainy
48 The Gunpowder Misdeed
49 The Hallowed Sneak
50 The Happy Extortion
51 The High Noon Grab
52 The Hollow Swindle
53 The Homicide Offense
54 The Honeycomb Hit
55 The Honorable Banditry
56 The Illusion Robbery
57 The Insider Shooting
58 The Investment Wickedness
59 The Labyrinth Illegality
60 The Laughing Infractions
61 The Lethal Peculation
62 The Lightning Breach
63 The Limbo Annexation
64 The Lottery Plunder
65 The Lucky Felony
66 The Magic Depravity
67 The Masked Pinch
68 The Midnight Mugging
69 The Mile High Thievery
70 The Mystery Embezzlement
71 The Naked Scene
72 The Neglect Shenanigans
73 The Oblivion Violation
74 The Omega Burglary
75 The Paragon Law-Breaking
76 The Parallel Transgression
77 The Perfect Theft
78 The Polite Lawlessness
79 The Premium Rip-Off
80 The Prime Malefaction
81 The Refund Laundering
82 The Repeat Trespass
83 The Replica Infringement
84 The Reverse Score
85 The Robin Hood Caper
86 The Rookie Fleece
87 The Ruthless Wrongdoing
88 The Savage Scandal
89 The Scapegoat Assassination
90 The Shepherd Corruption
91 The Smooth Misdemeanor
92 The Smutty Crime
93 The Sullied Homicide
94 The Textbook Purloining
95 The Vanishing Larceny
96 The Vigilante Deprivation
97 The Watchdog Vandalism
98 The Whimsical Pillage
99 The Wild Goose Racket
100 The Worthless Snatch


Get the PDF that was used to make this list HERE



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