1 August 2021

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[List] 100 Names For…Occult Rituals

Ritual, rites, incantations. Call them what you will. There are those who practoce the occult arts and use these for various purposes. Some good, someneutral, others downright eveil. But one thing that unites almost all of them is impressive sounding names, 100 of which can be found below.


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Ritual Name
1 The Absurd Order of the Creepy Future
2 The Ambigous Jinx of the Wanton One
3 The Atrocious Diabolism of the Hellish Turmoil
4 The Augury of the Spirit
5 The Behest of the Anguish
6 The Behest of the Obscure Understanding
7 The Black Application
8 The Blasphmous Appeal of the Weird Aberration
9 The Blighted Ritual of the Perverse Blessing
10 The Broken Acquiescence of the Unthinkable Delusion
11 The Careless Acquiescence of the Devastating Nothing
12 The Challenge of the Horrid Fool
13 The Chant of the Unbalanced Blade
14 The Complicated Message
15 The Conjuration of the Bizarre Potential
16 The Creepy Communion of the Shifting Resolution
17 The Creepy Regulation
18 The Demonic Exhortation
19 The Denouncement of the Oblivion
20 The Depraved Abjuration of the Cursed Grasp
21 The Detestable Directive of the Vicious Beyond
22 The Detrimental Indictment of the Tormented Nightmare
23 The Directive of the Broken Attack
24 The Disgusting Request of the Creepy Past
25 The Enigmatic Besseching of the Complicated Awareness
26 The Erratic Prayer of the Hidden Spiral
27 The False Beckoning
28 The Ghastly Demand of the Uncertain Nothing
29 The Ghastly Supplication of the Chaotic Future
30 The Hasty Mandate of the Bloody Reaction
31 The Heinous Incantation of the Villanious Turmoil
32 The Hex of the Darkness
33 The Hidden Request of the Inevitable Promise
34 The Hideous Ceremony
35 The Hideous Communique
36 The Horrid Statement of the Ancient Defence
37 The Horrific Thaumaturgy
38 The Hysterical Decree of the Abyssyal Vastness
39 The Impossible Adoration of the Sour Delusion
40 The Impossible Melody of the Hateful Dream
41 The Incantation of the Torment
42 The Infernal Invitation of the Unnatural Understanding
43 The Inquiry of the Anguish
44 The Invitation of the Unethical Madness
45 The Magic of the Logic
46 The Mandate of the Black Fate
47 The Maniacial Stipulation
48 The Melody of the Angel
49 The Mercurial Imploration
50 The Murderous Inquiry of the Blasted Curse
51 The Obscene Custom
52 The Ominous Word of the Cursed Suffering
53 The Overture of the Brutal Ages
54 The Overture of the Intelligence
55 The Overture of the Malignant Anguish
56 The Pernicious Charm of the Fatal Grasp
57 The Procedure of the Unbalanced Space
58 The Proposal of the Savage Space
59 The Protean Revalation
60 The Putrid Challenge of the Eternal Dream
61 The Putrid Inquiry of the Foul Chaos
62 The Question of the Accursed Potential
63 The Question of the Corrupt Blessing
64 The Rancid Sacrement of the Obscene Whirlwind
65 The Ranting of the Vastness
66 The Rotten Besseching of the Demonic Whirlwind
67 The Ruinous Calling of the Unethical Sin
68 The Ruinous Spell of the Unwise Insight
69 The Ruling of the Wind
70 The Sacrifice of the Shameful Beast
71 The Sermon of the Vengful Blessing
72 The Shady Hymm of the Catalysmic Ages
73 The Shameful Adoration of the Lethal Condition
74 The Signal of the Logic
75 The Simple Gesture
76 The Solicitation of the Quiet
77 The Solicitation of the Space
78 The Spell of the Noise
79 The Statement of the Putrid Noise
80 The Summoning of the Mortal Quiet
81 The Supplication of the Harmony
82 The Terrible Directive of the Fallen Energy
83 The Terrifying Summoning
84 The Thoughtless Exhortation of the Hasty Destiny
85 The Torturing Broadcast of the Audacious Reaction
86 The True Sacrement of the Abyssyal Emptyness
87 The Unbalanced Broadcast
88 The Unbalanced Directive of the Haunting Judgement
89 The Unholy Stipulation of the Taboo Anguish
90 The Unpredictable Imploration of the Chaotic Understanding
91 The Unreliable Devotion of the Heinous Torment
92 The Unthinkable Summoning
93 The Unwise Plea of the Catalysmic Ages
94 The Unwise Wizardry of the Shady Insight
95 The Vile Practice of the Chaotic Space
96 The Villanious Observance of the Atrocious Ages
97 The Villanious Tirade of the Infernal Void
98 The Violent Devotion of the Unstable Wind
99 The Weird Invocation of the Putrid Blade
100 The Word of the Eternity


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