4 August 2021

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[List] 100 Names for…The Afterlife

Depite out best efforts, be it through natural or other means, every being will eventualy pass on. For some, this is an eternal rest after a lifetime of hardships, for others, it is the begninging of something, rather than the end as their soul or equivalent ends up in a new realm. This list gives you 100 names for such places. Some may be places of eternal wonder and others a living torment.

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Afterlife Name
1 The Abominable Domain
2 The Aerial Hereafter
3 The Ageless House
4 The Agony Fief
5 The Angelic Star
6 The Anguish Citadel
7 The Argent Lake
8 The Astral Island
9 The Azure Afterlife
10 The Battle Realm
11 The Blasted Nation
12 The Bleak Planes
13 The Blessed Country
14 The Blind Maze
15 The Blissful Palace
16 The Blood Labyrinth
17 The Bright Heights
18 The Broken Asylum
19 The Champion Ruin
20 The Chosen Canyon
21 The Cloud Heaven
22 The Conflict Wilderness
23 The Crimson Kingdom
24 The Crystal Sphere
25 The Dark Nexus
26 The Dead Circle
27 The Demonic Cave
28 The Desolate Home
29 The Diamond Sanctuary
30 The Dread Cove
31 The Elysian Hall
32 The Emerald Wastes
33 The Empty Delta
34 The Empyreal Venue
35 The Endless Prison
36 The Eternal Depths
37 The Ethereal Farm
38 The Festering City
39 The Fractured Garden
40 The Gloom Wasteland
41 The Glorious Land
42 The Golden Isle
43 The Grand Hearth
44 The Grave Dwelling
45 The Gray Expanse
46 The Grey Oasis
47 The Grim Province
48 The Hallowed Existance
49 The Happy Desert
50 The Harmonic Forest
51 The Hidden Orchard
52 The Holy Glade
53 The Horror Abode
54 The Infernal Wonderland
55 The Infnite Inferno
56 The Ivory Hollow
57 The Killing Jungle
58 The Light Tavern
59 The Lonely River
60 The Lost Grave
61 The Miracle Mountain
62 The Mirror Place
63 The Misty Lair
64 The Nether Town
65 The Onyx Valley
66 The Peacful Outland
67 The Perpetual Forge
68 The Plague Dream
69 The Prime Sanctum
70 The Protected Vale
71 The Proven Hell
72 The Rainbow World
73 The Restful Cradle
74 The Sanguine Continent
75 The Sapphire Castle
76 The Savage Pasture
77 The Scarlet Empire
78 The Scourge Field
79 The Shadow Zone
80 The Shattered Moon
81 The Silver Region
82 The Sinister Nest
83 The Somber Limbo
84 The Sorrow Grounds
85 The Spirit Gate
86 The Spring Pit
87 The Summer Barrow
88 The Timeless Trial
89 The Torture Paradise
90 The Turbulent Infnite
91 The Twisted Duchy
92 The Under District
93 The Unstable Haven
94 The Utopia Earldom
95 The Vicious Beach
96 The Vile Plain
97 The Warrior Hill
98 The Wayward Level
99 The Winter Peak
100 The Wonderful Meadow


Get the PDF that was used to make this list HERE



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