23 September 2021

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[List] 100…Pirate Ship Names

This weeks d100 list gioves you 100 name suitable for those privateer scallywags more commonly known as pirates. The ships names below, whilst they can be used for any ship, to quote the orginal PDF – “the name parts have been put together in such a way as to make the name sound like a ship a pirate would be proud to serve on!”

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Pirate Ship Name
1 The Amendable Nightmare
2 The Angry Challenger
3 The Baneful Pegasus
4 The Barbaric Empress
5 The Bearded Spirit
6 The Black Sail
7 The Bloodthirsty Sky
8 The Blue Treasure
9 The Bountiful Fortune
10 The Bright Rose
11 The Broken Striker
12 The Bronze Taint
13 The Captains Sun
14 The Cry Duke
15 The Decadent Murderer
16 The Defiant Rift
17 The Devils Seahorse
18 The Diligence Grail
19 The Discourteous Reef
20 The Disgraced Comet
21 The Dreadful Fate
22 The Duchess's Serpent
23 The Eastern Pirate
24 The Eastwind Hydra
25 The Elusive Tsunami
26 The Elysian Fox
27 The Exultant Wasp
28 The Festering Jewel
29 The Flying Tide
30 The Furious Buccaneers
31 The Ghostly Pathfinder
32 The Golden Maverick
33 The Grand Lion
34 The Greedy Knight
35 The Happy Sphinx
36 The Heavy Wing
37 The Ill Discovery
38 The Imperial Scream
39 The Independent Firestorm
40 The Inexorable Doom
41 The Intrepid Killer
42 The Invincible Spectre
43 The Lady's Secret
44 The Last Avenger
45 The Liberty Lightning
46 The Little Eclipse
47 The Long Dragon
48 The Loyal Ranger
49 The Lucky Dreamer
50 The Majestic Lady
51 The Maximum Return
52 The Mayflower Lust
53 The Merciful Mariner
54 The Moonlit Whitecap
55 The Negligent Spray
56 The Night Privateer
57 The Northern Storm
58 The Oceans Coward
59 The Old Revenge
60 The Paradise Cutlass
61 The Pillaging Plunder
62 The Plundering Tern
63 The Poisoned Corsair
64 The Proud Howl
65 The Quick Tiger
66 The Rancid Flower
67 The Reaper Triumph
68 The Red Fall
69 The Resolute Defender
70 The Rising Raider
71 The Risky Orion
72 The Rude Hind
73 The Ruthless Endeavour
74 The Saltmarsh Paradise
75 The Salty Rovers
76 The Savage Behemoth
77 The Scurvy Shadow
78 The Shadow
79 The Silent Croaker
80 The Silver Dancer
81 The Singing Clipper
82 The Snap Harlot
83 The Soldado Knave
84 The Southern Conquest
85 The Speedy Exterminator
86 The Strange Liberty
87 The Strong Peacock
88 The Sudden Hornet
89 The Superior Hades
90 The Tenacious Majesty
91 The Uncultured Ray
92 The Undaunted Vengeance
93 The Vicious Squall
94 The Victory Majesty
95 The Vigilant Manta
96 The Western Knave
97 The Westwind Moon
98 The White Eel
99 The Wrathful Fear
100 The Yellow Cyclone


Get the PDF that was used to make this list HERE



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