29 July 2021

Ennead Games

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[List] 20 Alingment/Personalites

A characters alingment/personality is a reflection of their nature and their outlook on life and in general. In some games, there are 9 basic ones. This list is a sample from a PDF that give you up to 10,000 possible combinations instead.

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1 Covert Inculpable
2 Despotic Agreeable
3 Detached Beastly
4 Humane Nice
5 Impersonal Good
6 Inactive Immoral
7 Lawless Kind
8 Noble Impure
9 Optimistic Cruel
10 Pessimistic Bad
11 Principled Honest
12 Rebellious Atrocious
13 Reliable Helpful
14 Right-Minded Corrupt
15 Shamefully Pleasant
16 Sincere Unpropitious
17 Social Lovely
18 Straightforward Delightful
19 Turbid Revolting
20 Uncontrolled Aiding



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