29 July 2021

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[List] – 20 Aztec deity names

Continuing the “Deity Names from around the world” series – this time is the Aztecs. These lists will include alternate names for the same entity, variations and so on.

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D20 Deity Names
1 Acolmiztli
2 Ancient Drum
3 Ayauhteotl
4 Azcatl
5 Centzonuitznaua
6 Chicomecoatl
7 Cocijo
8 Coyolxanuhqui
9 Itztlacoliuhqui
10 Macuil Tonaleque
11 Metzli
12 Metztli
13 Mictecacihuatl
14 Nanahuatzin
15 Nanauatzin
16 Omecihuatl
17 Ometeoltloque
18 Tepeyollotli
19 Xochiquetzal
20 Xolotl


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