7 May 2021

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[List] – 20 Chaos/Wild Effects


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D20 effect
1 A map to a valuable treasure gets painfully tatooed on the casters back by forces unkown and unseen
2 A random rabbit within 1d10 miles becomes sentient and is able to speak & is immortal and gains the abilities of a powerful undead
3 A small elemental(of a random element) appears and follows the caster
4 A strong smell of mustard follows the caster
5 All birds within 1 mile turn invisible
6 All the caster abilitys that be used go off at once using the current target as a focus
7 All the coins the caster carries are now the higest demoniation but are fake or of a currancy that is banned in the region
8 Any magical effects on the caster good or bad are dispelled
9 Caster can see as if they had infravision
10 Caster gets cronic smelly and very loud flatulence making stealth impossible
11 Caster at the next settlement they visit is mistaken for a famous beast slayer
12 Nearest lake imparts nymph-like beauty to any drinking from it
13 Nearest small pond turns into liquid nitrogen but reverts in 1d10 hours
14 Next sweet tasting item the caster consumes has salt as a major compenent
15 Next time caster sees' someone fall over they start laughing and can't stop for 2d10 minutes
16 No divination spells work within 1 mile of this location
17 Nothing appears to happen apart from the sky getting dark
18 Target is healed of all damage
19 Target or caster (50% chance of each) grows a foxes tail
20 Targets durability/armour doubles for duration


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