23 September 2021

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[List] – 20 Creature Concepts

Back into the regular rotation of things with 20 Creature Concepts!

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D20 Creature Concept
1 Anarcic Dragon
2 Ancient Werewolf
3 Artificial Hydra
4 Bound Shadow
5 Broken Cockroach
6 Calcified Gnoll
7 Canabalistic Ooze
8 Deep Orc
9 Degraded Gorgon
10 Desert Centipede
11 Disentegrating Goat
12 Dull Gelatinous Cube
13 Frost Pixie
14 Grey Kobold
15 Imposing Crab
16 Metalic Moth
17 Miniature Giant
18 Mummified Ape
19 Radiant Demon
20 Scarred Gargoyle


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