23 September 2021

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[List] – 20 Demonic True names (and names for mortals to use)

Today’s list has an infernal feel about things, with 20 true names and use names for demonic beings. How powerful are they? What is their role in the hierarchy? What can they do when summoned?

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D20 True(use)
1 Aerhiuby (Maimwarp Sluggut the Destroyer)
2 Ch'buaadh (Rutwither the Bloody)
3 Dhae-mo'qu'meerak (Bagglut Scumbuttock the Corrupter)
4 Dhg'goy'bamy (Suckfoul the Dammed)
5 Ei-dhq' (Putridlip Bluelust the Violent)
6 Gz'uu'yy'uou (Fistfester Glopwight )
7 Gzbiss (Vexaxe the Hostile)
8 Iaezh (Bluntmad )
9 Iaio-iamm'eu (Thrashred Buttockvenom )
10 Ie-a-ei (Squeezewart )
11 Io'q'ninchcog-x-ffi (Windash the Black)
12 Irumy'mazi'mo-ul'u (Whipbreak the Must-Not-Be-Named)
13 Iudu'bhmyffxy (Blueskull )
14 Iy'ie'aixy (Greengore the Poisonous)
15 Mm-yoaurh-ll (Poxwobble Spiderdeath )
16 Oo'bibhbizaba'zh (Pukehammer the Torturer)
17 Thkwcog'gzo (Doomsmut Whipplague )
18 Xa'oygumazmazxara (Quakegrin )
19 Xyoemedhak (Bendsharp Fondleskull the Vicious)
20 Zapp-ak (Spinebite )



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