29 July 2021

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[List] 20 Fake Chemical Names

A chemical is defined by Wikipedia as “a distinct compound or substance, especially one which has been artificially prepared or purified.” The names of them can be simple or quite complex, but they follow certain rules.  The fake chemical names randomly generated below, tend not to follow those rules, except by accident. The components that make them up are real, some might even match real ones by coincidence. What do you think these do or are used for?

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1 Alkene cyclopanyl
2 Arside hexsetol
3 Calate ecidoid
4 Culous dodidide
5 Di-triberyllium colloid
6 Diurinide furium
7 Ecium ganofoid
8 Furic lanenite
9 Gerate pertocol
10 Geric polyarsyl
11 Glyide aduvate
12 Kelous deberol
13 Monohydrsoid uryl
14 Penta-monotritybium calium
15 Per-tetrakelatine vorium
16 Permanurous alumol
17 Permerinous niacine
18 Tanide deuplutite
19 Tri-tetrapericium amphium
20 Urium methrium


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