13 June 2021

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[List] – 20 Fantasy Class Concepts

First of a two parter this week – 20 Fantasy Class concepts, with sci-fi/modern version next week

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D20 Concept
1 Affiliated Hunter
2 Aquatic Inquisitor
3 Arcane Guide
4 Celestial Sorcerer
5 Clockwork Scholar
6 Cosmo Diplomat
7 Dark Oracle
8 Deep Goldsmith
9 Divine Dog Trainer
10 Enslaved Rouge
11 Feral Butler
12 Juiced Furrier
13 Legendary Seer
14 Mechanized Barrister
15 Mountain Fisherman
16 Night Constable
17 Psionic Baker
18 Royal Bower
19 Urban Artist
20 Yellow Bishop


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