29 July 2021

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[List] 20 Fantasy Themed Antagonist Concepts

An antagonist can be defined as “a person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary.” This list below gives you 20 ideas or concepts for just such a person, themed for a fantasy genre setting

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1 Angry Teacher
2 Ashamed Oracle
3 Blackmailing Shapeshifter
4 Calm Thief
5 Critical Emperor
6 Driven Mayor
7 Feral Hybrid
8 Focused Terrorist
9 Gentle Sage
10 Hate Filled Genius
11 Misunderstood Imposter
12 Murderous General
13 Predictable Revolutionary
14 Secretive Giant
15 Seductive Warden
16 Sleazy Mason
17 Sociopathic Doctor
18 Supernatural Engineer
19 Suspicious Vampire
20 Vicious Thief



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