23 September 2021

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[List] – 20 Femmmine Halfling Names

Todays list is first of a two-parter showing off the various halfling names that can be made with the “Name Maker V1 – Halfling” PDF.

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F Name
1 Adaldrida Shufflecrag
2 Adaltrude Slyearth
3 Allison Oldshard
4 Alpais Brocksfeather
5 Aregund Bracebridge
6 Aubirge Winterhollow
7 Basina Featherwild
8 Belinda Buncutter
9 Berthefried Jumpslake
10 Cheyenne Oakleaf
11 Chica Applebur
12 Elizabeth Autumnswift
13 Emily Holepetal
14 Hildeburg Newpasture
15 Irmgard Broadstream
16 Lavinia Proudberry
17 Nina Teameadow
18 Poppy Leatherby
19 Prima Stoneheaver
20 Victoria Chubblash



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