11 April 2021

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[List] – 20 Fiction Book titles for a fantasy genre

This weeks list gives you 20 fiction books that might exist in a fantasy-themed world, along with their author(s)

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1 A Rugged Smithy and the Fire-locked Maid – Khagmuf Skullbreaker of Clan Lozog
2 Companions of the Scamps – Faira of Zeldora
3 Flight from Coauitl Coactli's Fortress – Tarasarerla Daliisradas the Younger
4 Hepheb Nubdet Manor –  Umsizi Pili
5 Horrors of the Dukes – Chi Bo De
6 Quest for the city of the eight Journeymans – Alflum the Unwashed
7 The Adventures of the Five Ladys – Olafura
8 The Companions of the Apprentices – Ismail Ketash & Tunku ud Lutong and Guptra Golel
9 The Company of the Rogues – Tavish Crichton of Menosira
10 The Darkness of the Farmer's Daughters – Khuhis Meror
11 The Flagon of the Handmaidens – Yev Iziaghutkbai
12 The Hidden Crown of the Tramps – Agsar
13 The Journeys of the Pack of the Pearl – Braela the II
14 The Learned Fire of the Milkmaids – Gerard de Grisadier of Jhelrossis
15 The Legends of the Fraternity of the Divine Darkness – Ailbhe FitzGerald
16 The Order of the Smithys – Yellowfist
17 The Skull of the Knights – Jamu Akbagataigatai
18 The Travels of the Nine Swashbucklers –  Leofdegna Waldweardadatur
19 The Water of the Knight-Errants – Fanaponnare
20 Unknown Orb of the Neighbor's Wifes – Throor mak Everast of Jhelrossis


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