23 September 2021

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[List] – 20 Halfling Masculine Names

The second part of the Halfling name set continues this week with 20 masculine names. This set of names is designed for those who want masculine sounding halfling names and is not limited to giving them to just males.

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Masc Name
1 Amalricus Butterdore
2 Bavo Morebloom
3 Berengar Oddearth
4 Cedivar Undergrip
5 Chlodmer Crumbleheaver
6 Doderic Bunworthy
7 Engilbert Hempshard
8 Griffon Thistlefeet
9 Ingomer Longthorn
10 Leuthere Farrowsoil
11 Marmaduc Hayburrow
12 Meginhard Digspetal
13 Meriadoc Springlash
14 Merry Neersmith
15 Mungo Brownbridge
16 Nicol Hedgebrook
17 Poppo Overcloak
18 Ranugad Newbreeze
19 Rufus Mugleaf
20 Wilibald Forestnut



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