23 September 2021

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[List] – 20 Magical School Classes

What class is your wanna be arcanist, wizard or spellcaster want to attend at magical college?

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D20 Magical Classes
1 Adapted Conjuration
2 Astral Blessings
3 Contemporary Philosophy
4 Crude Superstitions
5 Demonic Trickery
6 Elven Artifacts
7 Essential Divination
8 Helpful Auras
9 Historical Battle Magic
10 Imperial Summoning
11 Indispensable Chaos
12 Kobold Emblism
13 Lycantthropic Augerys
14 Misleading Astrology
15 Moral Occultism
16 Mundane Hemetics
17 Stellar War Magic
18 Superficial Books
19 Supreme Exorsism
20 White Communication


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