20 April 2021

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[List] – 20 MagicTech Concepts

Todays list covers Magictech, technology from a universe that has magic and figured out how to combine the two.

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D20 MagicTech
1 Aerokinetic Reactor
2 Chaotic Console
3 Disintegrating Diffusor
4 Divine Fastener
5 Elven Battery
6 Enhanced Generator
7 Fulgurkenetic Repulsor
8 Gnomish Differential
9 Hidden Network
10 Light Gateway
11 Orchish Platform
12 Phantasmal Protector
13 Psionic/Mental Effect
14 Pyrokinetic Matrix
15 Realistic Array
16 Shadow Device
17 Summoners Gyroscope
18 Trans-dimensional Recorder
19 Trollish Interface
20 Unpowered Terminal


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