26 July 2021

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[List] – 20 Magictech Item Names

Magictech is described as magical technology – and there are 20 such names of magictech items listed below – What does each of them do?

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D20 Magictech
1 Alchemists Grid
2 Animated Vent
3 Aquakenetic Cell
4 Ascended Enhancer
5 Astral Cooler
6 Binding Console
7 Clerics Generator
8 Conjuring Flow
9 Detonating Relay
10 Enchanting Controller
11 Hidden Mask
12 Magic Device
13 Omni Reducer
14 Protecting Array
15 Psionic/Mental Fabricator
16 Pyrokinetic Cluster
17 Regenerating Platform
18 Sorcerers Shunt
19 Unstable Conduit
20 Voiding Transformer


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