4 August 2021

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[List] – 20 MagiTech Concepts

Magic and Technology are things not normally found together , as they are diametrically the opposite. But sometimes, when they are found merged into one thing, they can be quite potent. This list gives you 20 ideas for MagicTech Items.

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D20 MagiTech
1 Astral Resistor
2 Clerics Bay
3 Dwarven Console
4 Elven Calibrator
5 Enchanting Injector
6 Geometric Aligner
7 Gnomish Conditioner
8 Good Aligned Scanner
9 Healing Device
10 Heated Synthesizer
11 Hidden Inductor
12 Lawful Harmonizer
13 Omni Reducer
14 Orchish Terminal
15 Overpowered Generator
16 Phantasmal Manifold
17 Primal Nutation
18 Summoners Array
19 Trollish Chamber
20 Wizards Display


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