25 September 2021

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[List] – 20 Map Feature Names/Types

Exploring a world, you can often find interesting natural, or unnatural features. This list gives you the names/types for 20 such features that might be discovered by explorers, or that can help when describing the wild lands of your world.

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D20 Feature
1 Ancient Path
2 Blasted Island
3 Blood Ford
4 Bone Fen
5 Broken Waterfall
6 Cruel Bridge
7 Crystal Port
8 Desolate Road
9 Frozen Hills
10 Gruesome Atoll
11 Haunted Glen
12 Imperial Geyser
13 Ivory Grassland
14 Lonely Cliff
15 Mysterious Beach
16 Ruined City
17 Salt Bog
18 Unforgiving Sea
19 Unstable Lagoon
20 Weathered Steppe

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