4 August 2021

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[List] – 20 More Sci-Fi Themed Weapons

This weeks list comes from “Quick Generator – Sci-Fi Weapons” and gives you 20 concepts or ideas for weapons or weapon-like objects that you might find in a sci-fi or modern story or game.

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D20 Weapon
1 Anti-Proton Impeller
2 Continuous Saber
3 Custom Digitizer
4 Delaying Phasing Crusher
5 Disrupting Caustic Projector
6 Draining Tearer
7 Electro-magnetic Implant
8 Energy Corrosive Halberd
9 Exotic Long-range Cube
10 Kinetic Trident
11 Laser Nullifier
12 Light Grid
13 Nuclear Polarized Grenade
14 Plasma Caltrop
15 Repulsor Split Relay
16 Siege Gamma Crossbow
17 Silenced Torus
18 Sonic Seeking Lance
19 Standard Arrow
20 Unstable Ray


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