1 December 2020

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[List] – 20 more spell names

Spells are ways of changing realty in some way, – some times for the better, sometimes to make your targets day worse! 20 spell names are listed below  – what do they do? Which one sounds the best to you?

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D20 Spell Name
1 Acidic Scent
2 Astral Alteration
3 Caustic Jewel
4 Dark Breathe
5 Demonic Binding
6 Distorting Shift
7 Divine Metal
8 Elusive Deception
9 Exhausting Shackle
10 Fiery Anthem
11 Healing Regeneration
12 Invisible Blood
13 Long-range Armor
14 Positive Dance
15 Power Wall
16 Shattering Bolt
17 Shrinking Fate
18 Triple Assimilation
19 Whispering Arrow
20 Wild Disk


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