17 May 2021

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[List] – 20 names for currency or coins

The coins of the kingdom, apart from various denominations, often have a name, to make costing and purchasing easier “It’ll cost ya 20 crowns for that horse” and so on. The list below gives you 20 such names.

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D20 Currency Name
1 Akcheh
2 Bezant
3 Crown
4 Doit
5 Doubloon
6 Dreyling
7 Eagle
8 Ecu
9 Guinea
10 Koban
11 Kreutzer
12 Kroner
13 Laurel
14 Marchetto
15 Obol
16 Shilling
17 Sou
18 Sovereign
19 Tirce
20 Vintem


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