20 September 2021

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[List] – 20 Names for super-heroic people

As the title says, todays list gives you 20 names suitable for meta or empowered individuals, with a mixture of feminine, neutral and masculine names.

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D20 Name
1 Duke Formidable
2 Empress Unreal
3 Lady Majestic
4 Lord Great
5 Marchioness Determined
6 Marchioness Talented
7 Miss Inquisitor
8 Mister Punch
9 Mother Apostle
10 Mr. Daunting
11 Mrs. Fighter
12 Prince Architect
13 Prince Seer
14 Princess Element
15 Professor Tank
16 Queen Delightful
17 Senorita Sensational
18 Senorita Stone
19 Senorita Unbeatable
20 Sister Gifted


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