20 September 2021

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[List] – 20 Potion type drinks

“0 potions like drinks – some of them may help you, others makes things much, much worse. The question is…which is which and how do they taste?

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D20 NAme
2 Brew of Sound Explosion
3 Cider of Autumn Curing
4 Coffee of Sudden Assault
5 Dram of Shadow Amplification
6 Extract of Acidic Trap
7 Juice of Pleasure Strike
8 Lager of Burning Blast
9 Malt of Industrial Eater
10 Mead of Piercing Negation
11 Milk of Insectoid Ignorance
12 Mixture of Vegetable Attraction
13 Nectar of Language Selection
14 Philtre of Aerial Divergence
15 Preparation of Ranged Cursing
16 Serum of Currency Digging
17 Soda of Poison Movement
18 Spirit of Demonic Reading
19 Water of Water Activation
20 Whisky of Ethereal Revealing


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