27 September 2021

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[List] – 20 Sci Fi Armour pieces

This weeks lists gives you 20 pieces of armour, or clothing, that may be found in a sci-fi style setting.

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D20 Sci-Fi Armour
1 Adaptive durasteel cup
2 Alien scarf
3 Aluminium sabaton
4 Armoured decorative wings
5 Assault swimsuit
6 Carbon steel breastplate
7 Cotton cardigan
8 EMP-Protected slippers
9 Fusion powered crown
10 Infested boots
11 Inhibiting aerogel gauntlet
12 Insulated organic steel pants
13 Medical robe
14 Memory cloth suit
15 Monitoring eye mask
16 Nuclear powered poncho
17 Plutonium flight jacket
18 Radioactive carbon nanotube exo-skeleton leg
19 Weird paperfoam baseball glove
20 Wired plasteel socks


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