16 April 2021

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[List] – 20 Sci-Fi Firearm

Nice simple one to end things this week Sci-Fi Firearms

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D20 Sci-Fi Firearm
1 “Halfling” Handgun
2 “Zeigler” Leeching Pistol
3 Bio-controlled Negating Gun
4 Caustic Meson Projector
5 Cluster Sub-machine Gun
6 Hologram Disguised Pulser
7 Hyper Lance
8 Inertia Shotgun
9 Large Cannon
10 Mending Handgun
11 Micro Resonance Machine-Pistol
12 Necrotic Spray
13 Personal Disrupting Handgun
14 Resonating Neutron Sniper Rifle
15 Retro-fitted Lance
16 Seeking Projector
17 Sentient Carbine
18 Stunning Fusion Sniper Rifle
19 Sub-atomic Rifle
20 Trapped Pistol


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